We have been blessed beyond measure, however, we graciously accept any donations that you would like to make. Please do not send money directly to the guys' commissary, that has already been provided for.


Funds may be sent directly to US Bank in Burns:
Susan or Earlyna Hammond
c/o US Bank
493 N. Broadway
Burns, OR 97720


We've created a couple of different tees, tanks, hoodies, and long-sleeved tees. Be sure to check the drop down menus for available colors and styles:FreetheHammonds

Tees/Tanks Hammond Campaign at TeeSpring

Hoodies/Long-sleeved Tees Hammond Campaign at TeeSpring

We now have wristbands available! The inside is embossed with a reminder to pray with us daily at 10:30 AM PST. Prices will be $3 each, or 2 for $5. Shipping will depend on the amount you order. Please email me at or inbox me on our Facebook page for details.FreetheHammonds


Heartfelt, original letters pleading for the release of Dwight and Steven, sent to your legislators, the President, the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and Secretary Zinke are always appreciated. Here is an example letter that you are welcome to copy.

Protect the Harvest and the Range Rights and Resource Symposiums’ principals have drafted a letter to President Trump and Secretary Zinke outlining the Miscarriage of Justice that has been perpetrated on Dwight and Steven Hammond and the Hammond Family. Dave Duquette, National Strategic Planner for Protect the Harvest, is hand delivering the attached letter to President Trump during the State of the Union event January 30, 2018.  We would like this letter to be at the Office of the Pardon Attorney by then.

You can use this letter to contact your legislators both Federal and State, the President, the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and Secretary Zinke (, and say you support its content. Available in .docx or .pdf format.

Following are instructions for the Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA):

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out your information
  3. BOP Inmate Register Number: use 59886-065 for Dwight and 60061-065 for Steven 
  4. General topic: Lodge general complaint/concern
  5. Message box: cut and paste this word doc letter
  6. Click the submit button


If you're the praying type, above all, pray for their emotional health. Pray for comfort, pray for strength. And, thank the Lord that they are in the facility that they are in, and that they are bunk mates. They have both repeatedly told me that the support that they cherish most, and are most humbled by, is your prayers. As another way to have a heart to heart connection with the guys, I've decided to start an online prayer group. This group will pray daily, at 10:30 AM PST, and the guys will pray at the same time. I will post updates on our Facebook page. We will pray for whatever the Lord puts on our hearts, and we will intercede for anyone and everyone that we feel is in need.